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Superior is a locally owned small business that has built an enviable reputation since it began business in 1973.  During the following years, it established strong policies of maintaining integrity in its business relationships, by offering fair prices for the products it sells and services and by providing dependable work at all times.  These policies remain foremost in its business dealings today.

Today, Superior is recognized as a top-quality, regional distributor and installer of all types of pedestrian doors, operable walls, gates and other access applications, as well as aluminum entrance canopies and dark room doors.

Superior's regional service area includes the Baltimore-Washington-Philadelphia corridor and surrounding areas in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, local regional service facilities for personal service.  Centrally located within its service area, Superior's Distribution Center offers its business and industrial customers a number of advantages including:

LOWER PRICES ..... by obtaining preferred pricing through volume purchases, Superior is able to share cost savings with its customers.

PROMPT DELIVERIES ..... as a full service distributor, Superior maintains a multi-line inventory for new installations, maintenance, service and repairs so that shipments are made, normally within 24 hours of processing your order.

TRAINED TECHNICIANS ..... Superior's technicians are trained for top-quality installations, maintenance, repairs and service for its products.  Superior stands behind the products it installs and the service it performs.  Superior is large enough to install entrances for multi-plant industries, yet small enough to offer similar expertise to independent outlets.

The company's standard procedure includes designing and supervising the entire project.  However, Superior's professional, in-house staff is ready to assist customers with developing individual specifications as well as providing field and shop drawings that are tailored to meet particular requirements.

Because Superior obtains a significant part of its new business from customer referrals, its satisfied  customers are one of the company's most valuable assets.  That is why superior offers fair, reasonable and knowledgeable services.  In addition, its optional, programs include:

On-going service by experienced technicians who are "on call" - in addition, they are ready to train your personnel in equipment maintenance techniques.  P.M. programs for all door applications are also available.


2217 Hollins Ferry Road

Baltimore, Maryland  21230


AREA WIDE SERVICE:  800-492-4178