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"TOTAL DOOR" by OPENINGS is a heavy duty package door complete with all hardware installation, measured by the installer, and guaranteed "labor and material" for one year and second year material only.  This minimizes fit and compatibility problems.  Available 4' 1-7/8" wide and up to 9' height, with fire label, pos. pressure test, etc.   Finish may be prime, factory painted in most any color, high pressure laminate or real wood.

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 Superior carries an inventory of "Ceco" steel doors and frames with a full inventory to support most commercial needs and a full fabrication shop for custom sizes and styles.  Painting is also available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.

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Stile, rail, flush, panel, stained, painted ........ no matter what your wood door need is, SUPERIOR can do it.


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The fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) doors and frames offer a maximum corrosion resistance for those areas that would destroy a steel door in a few years.  They are well suited to high humidity areas as swimming pools, sewage treatment plants, hospitals, and other similar locations.   We carry a selection of the stainless steel hardware, FRP louvers, and doorframes.  A wide selection of colors and/or types assures a door for most any application.

FRP face doors are ideal for exterior entrances.  They are made like a medium style store front door with a 4-inch below the frame.  The facing of hardboard, metal sheet, and fiberglass face is laminated to the front and back of the door.  This makes for a particularly strong door.   The core or center of the door is filled with foam.  The fiberglass face can be easily cleaned of graffiti and is available in multiple colors.  As with all our products we can measure and install to minimize problems to you.  

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Door CloserA complete line of hardware is in stock to cover requirements for most standard and nonstandard door installations.  We stock lock sets both cylindrical and mortise, exit devices from the low end all the way up to three point brass finish , electronic locking and unlocking, remote operation power supplies, intercoms, etc.  

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Arch Top Frames are formed and bent to the required arch and cathedral shapes.  Send us a drawing of your requirements for a quote.  We will supply detailed instructions or a measuring kit to establish an exact fit for existing or new construction.

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Our experience technicians can install or repair most any brand of automatic pedestrian door operator, either swing or sliding type.  We can furnish and install an automatic entrance to fit your building or application.  Our storefront division and supplied the whole entrance package including permits and fire marshal approval.

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Closer 3


Superior has a compete line of handicapped accessible equipment, including swing and slide doors operators, for almost any entrance or access requirements.  Manual operation is retained for the non-handicapped.  Automatic operation may be controlled by push buttons near the door, or as an option, a radio control to operate one or more doors.




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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Door Sliding doors are designed to provide safer operations, resistance to wind and internal airflow, and more effective two-way traffic than conventional swing doors.     The Sliding door is offered in a variety of elevations including the single slide door and the bi-parting door with a combination of sliding, swinging/sliding, and fixed panels.  The sliding door provides excellent operational safety when installed with appropriate actuating devices.  The operator reverts to manual operation when power fails and will either slide open or swing out as required.


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Revolving doors are preferred by leading architects throughout the world for commercial and institutional buildings.  Their ability for positive handling of entering and exiting traffic during normal and rush periods is unsurpassed.  At a normal 10 revolutions per minute, each door will handle four persons per revolution, or 2400 persons per hour in one direction.  Heating or cooling loss is held to a minimum because, at no time, can outside air enter directly.  There are no drafts!  This results in a direct savings in heating and cooling operating costs.  In addition, revolving doors turn easily regardless of stack drafts or wind.  A door diameter is usually 7' to 8' but the grand revolver may be 12' in diameter allowing access by wheelchairs, carts or even stretchers.  Our power assist and power operated features are available with many features to provide a convenient and safe entry.  For a windy location or drafty entrance, a revolving door may be the most cost efficient solution.

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Hollow Metal-Wood Doors


As a means of sub diving a large work area, an operable wall can make several rooms out of one.  A wide range of sound attenuation ratings, surface finishes, passage doors and chalk or tack boards provide useful flexibility.  When a simple divider is needed an accordion door provides a cost effective solution.



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A scissor gate provides a low-cost means of securing a hallway or an entryway to prevent unauthorized entry.  Their advantages they can be installed anywhere that there is a rectangle are opening to be secured.  They are made in various configurations of height and length.  They can be made to either swing into various sized pockets at the end of the hall, or they can just be left folded up at the edge of the hall or entry way. Contact us for assistance to designing the layout for the gate.

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“Monumental”  entrances with custom doors made out of aluminum bronze alloy or stainless steal our specialty and  are custom designed to most any requirement. We can handle doors that are 10 feet high 4 feet wide or what ever the architect might require.

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We carry in stock sufficient material to fabricate an emergency entrance.  If the architect has an existing design we would be happy to submit our price. Note that we can begin furnish and install most any entrance material as bronze or stainless steel either as clad or fully formed or extruded.



Windows can be made to any size and shape to meet existing design.  The number of muttons can be designed to also match existing windows.  These aluminum windows with MR-10 plexi-glass on the exterior provide durability and years of trouble free service.


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Revolving DoorsUsing only aluminum extrusions and some fiberglass appointments we can assemble an extremely durable storefront that simulates old English Victorian and federal period storefronts.  By careful selection of the many aluminum extrusions available to us we simulate the appearance of Victorian and Federal design.  These achieved their interesting look with the 3-D multi-level construction and  in the fine detail that made each design an individual appearing store-front.  Typically every design is custom and slightly different; however, we do have some stock designs that have a stock price.  Only in the finish would vary.  We finish the material with either architectural polyurethane paint or a high durability Teflon based paint.  The assembly is shipped broken down into subcomponents for easy assembly on site by your workman. Detailed instructions are included.

The final price is slightly more than standard aluminum storefronts but it avoids the ordinary look of today's typical storefronts.  We would be pleased to give you a no charge estimate, you can request a form that we use or you can send us a sketch.  We also offer an artist sketch in color of what the final storefront would look like. There is a small charge for the sketch that would be refunded if you bought our storefront.

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Short NorthThese covers are an economical solution to protection from the weather as people enter the building or as they walk between buildings or out to the curb for a bus or other video they can be made various widths and installed at various heights.  The shorter canopies are cantilevered from the building while longer covers are supported on poles or posts.  These longer walk way covers may be any length to run between buildings or out to the automobile pickup area.  Standard finishes are clear anodized or dark brown baked enamel.  Custom configuration is a standard feature.  Several deck material designs and other finishes are also available as the design may require.  Complete design assistance and shop drawings are available.

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Sliding DoorsAdditional security may be provided by installing electric locks and card readers with most any type of door installation.  Remote actuation, intercom, day/night ties, etc. may be utilized.  Fire code panic devices and door operators can also be furnished.

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Today's video monitors and pushbutton door releases are both durable and cost-effective.  The security available with the ability to see who is trying to enter the door and the ability to remotely unlock reduces the potential problems and an office or school type building.

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Vistorian Store FrontsMany have found it is to their advantage to monitor various sections of the buildings.  This is easily done with the economical equipment available today.  Self defending recorders and notification of activity in specified areas vastly increases the security.  Another benefit is in case there was an injury or possibly illegal activity that CCTV equipment is useful in a legal defense.

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